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    Amasya Apple

    Amasya Apple is one of the first things that come to mind when Amasya is mentioned and is also known as “muscatel apple.” As a product with geographic indication, the muscatel apple is known for its pleasant smell, thin rind and being half red-half green.

    Çatal Soup 

    Çatal (Fork) Soup is prepared with green lentils, minced meat and wheat and is very nutritious and delicious.

    Toyka Soup

    It’s made with condensed yogurt, eggs, flour, cracked wheat, chickpeas, broth and garlic. These ingredients are mixed in a stewpan and brought to a boil. After the meal is cooked, mint in boiling butter is drizzled on the dish.

    Helle Soup

    Helle soup is another common delicacy of Amasya and is usually prepared with rice but can also be made with lentils, and flavored with butter.

    Eggplant Pehli

    This dish is prepared with eggplants, tomatoes and mutton ribs by baking the meat and tomato with fried eggplants.

    Topuz Kebabı

    A type of kebab that maintains its temperature at the table for a long time thanks to its “mace head” that reaches a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, and mixes lamb chops, veal entrecote, steak and tenderloin over rice and seasoned with various sauces. It is served with Ottoman sherbets.

    Lamb Meat with Plums

    Locally called “Erikli” (with plums), Lamb Meat with Plums belongs to Gümüşhacıköy district of Amasya. The plum is the “amasgen” strain, which came to be identified with Amasya. It is prepared only for very important guests. It is served in heated tin-plated copper bowls. Merzifon American College’s Chef Boğos Piranyan mentioned this dish in his 1914 book “Chef’s Book.”

    Amasya Çöreği

    This delicacy is named after the city, and is a type of muffin that combines dough, walnuts and poppy seeds, and quickly becomes an addiction. Don’t forget to taste this muffin if you go to Amasya.

    Bakla Dolması

    Fava beans are included in the stuffing and ribs are placed on top, making this dish very appetizing with its appearance and taste.


    Wheat, meat, fenugreek, chickpeas, cartilage-free tail fat, salt and marrow of big bones extracted by cracking the bone are placed in the keşkek pot, filled with water and placed in the oven.

    Around Merzifon, all the ingredients are pounded into a paste before serving.

    In Amasya, all ingredients are separately visible in the keşkek. Keşkek is cooked in many regions with small variations but mutton thighs and fenugreek accompany the large, cracked wheat grains.

    Yufka (Yoka) Dessert

    It is a delicious dessert made by cutting moist phyllo and drying it by flipping without frying and adding sherbet.

    Tırtıl (Caterpillar) Baklava

    This is a unique dessert made with walnuts in hand-rolled dough and shaped like a caterpillar.